What Are Faux Locs?

Faux Locs/ Loc Alternatives are a non-permanent option that strongly resemble natural Locs without the permanence of Locs. The options are Nu-Locs (braids with yarn), Geni-Loks (braids wrapped with yarn), Silky Locs or Goddess Locs (braids wrapped with synthetic hair or human hair) and Kinky Twist (twisted with Afro kinky or Marley hair). Each of these options resemble various degrees of natural Locs. Nu-Locs, Geni-Loks and Silky Locs or Goddess Locs all look like mature natural Locs. Kinky Twist resemble natural Locs in their newer stage. Each of the alternatives can be worn for up to 3 months depending on size, natural texture of hair and maintenance.

* Tyra Banks and Eva Marcille both rock Goddess Locs. Unknown photographer and stylist.

How To Maintain A Loc Alternative

To maintain healthy hair while wearing the Alternative, wash it on a regular basis (min once every 2 weeks) followed by a leave-in conditioner. Oil the scalp as needed and cover nightly with a silk or satin scarf. Also cover with a shower cap when bathing but not washing the Alternative.  Continue to use the leave-conditioner on a regular basis to feed, protect and strengthen your natural hair. As you approach the 1/2 way point, it is necessary  to schedule a perimeter re-touch to insure continued healthy hair. Remember your hairline is the most fragile part of your hair.

Loc Alternative to Natural Locs

If you decide you like the Loc Alternative, you can leave it in permanently. The grooming process would only begin after 3 months or once your new growth reaches over an inch in length (Use your thumb as your guide. The 1st line on your thumb measures about an inch in length). The grooming process is recommended to take place monthly until the new growth transitions into mature Locs (fully Loced). Once your Locs have reached maturity,  you’re official- you are Loced. Once your natural Locs grow to the length you want, you can remove the Alternative. You can also opt to keep the Alternative permanently grooming when needed.  Whichever you decide, you are 100% Loced. Congratulations!

The Beauty Of Color

Adding color is a fun and beautiful way to enhance your Alternative. It is also a great way to add color without permanently changing the color of your natural hair. If you transition from wearing to keeping your Loc Alternative your color will remain so make sure to chose a color you love. If you decide you don’t want that color anymore no worries you can change it.

*For info on how to change your color with Loc Alternative check back here. Coming soon.

Written by Debra Hare-Bey, CEO Oh My Heavenly Hair (OMhh Inc.), Beauty Editor World Bride Magazine, Contributing Editor Hype Hair Magazine. 



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