What’s A Braid Bar……


My, my, my- have Braids reached mainstream. Braids are popping up all over the place from Broadway to the boardroom and everywhere in between. Quick Braids or Braids on the go are a big trend. So the question remains, What is a Braid Bar? It is a designated area where quick, 1 or 2 Braids or simple Braid styles are offered. Think Milk Maid Braids, Crown Braid, “French Braids” (which we know from this blog are not French at all) or a number of other quick style Braids. Quick Braids may be done using extensions or just your natural hair. The word bar from Braid Bar is borrowed from the actual term bar where you sit and are served alcohol. The Braid Bar is the same concept however, you’re getting your hair braided not being served alcohol.

*The first 3 photos unknown. The last photo both styles: Braid Bar by Debra Hare-Bey @OMhh Beauty Oasis, Makeup: Kimberly Nicole

Most Braid Bars are not doing the traditional wash, condition and blow dry. You arrive with your hair ready to go. There is generally a style menu to choose from and the process begins once it is agreed upon what style you want. Braid Bar styles generally last from 1 day to about a week with care.

Where can you find a Braid Bar. Google Braid Bar with the location you desire. Call to ask about their policy. Drop by to see if it is to your liking. Another way to find a Braid Bar is by asking someone who has a Braid style you like- referral. I generally think that is the best way- referral. You still call and or stop by to make sure the Braid Bar is to your liking. Good Luck and enjoy your Braids.


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