2019 Braid Love Celebration- Brooklyn

Oh My Heavenly Hair Presents:


The largest most successful BRAIDS celebration!




IILBD Braid Love Celebration is a  joyous occasion to celebrate and honor the history and intricate design of Braids as a cultural and artistic expression of beauty. 

Did you also know IILBD Braid Love Celebration is the outdoor celebration of International I Love Braids Day. The Celebration is always the first Saturday before July 29th except when International I Love Braids Day falls on a Saturday. This may seem confusing but check this out: 2019 Braid Love Celebration is Saturday, July 27th two days before International I Love Braids Day, which is Monday, July 29th. Understand?


History continues… This is the 1st time IILBD Braid Love Celebration- Brooklyn will be on a separate day from International I Love Braids Day.

Embracing braids is an important and necessary action with an unparalleled opportunity to change the non-inclusive standard of beauty. The Black Panther Movie successfully demonstrated to the world that paying homage to culture, history, legacy and natural hair is no longer frowned upon but globally embraced. The new standard is inclusive. The new standard celebrates culture and diversity. The new standard is worthy of a day (International I Love Braids Day + Braid Love Celebration) in HISTORY!

*NYC Human Rights just passed a law (February 2019)- Race discrimination based on hair is illegal. NYC.gov/HumanRights




Join us to celebrate IILBD Braid Love Celebration-Brooklyn for a magical day of braids, braids and more braids from Africa to Brooklyn. To honor this historic occasion we’ve curated an amazing day of fun, live entertainment, music and more as the Industry’s baddest Braiders present culture, design, history and beauty on the runway.


This year’s theme- “FREEDOM to be”

“The Freedom to be” is no longer aspirational but a reality in NYC. Race discrimination based on hair is illegal. I don’t know about you, but over here, we are celebrating!!!! 

This is what you can expect:

  • Stilt Walker & Drummer to kick off celebration
  • Braid art
  • Live braided mannequins
  • IILBD Award for notable contributions to the advancement of braids
  • Drummer- African Beats
  • “Instagram Braids Walk” if  braid your own hair. Show off your talent 
  • Hyped Afro beats- DJ Asha / Yvonne Spaulding
  • Games, prizes, and fun
  • The Village- shop, food and the best artisans   
  • And more…

The Village– Eat Well & SHOP

We have so much more than vendors. Visit our Village for an unforgettable shopping and food experience. Each one of our mini boutiques are the best artisans, designers, jewelers and more. The food options are simply delicious. No need to pack a lunch, save that for another day. On this day we want you  to fully immerse yourself in the culture, food, crafts, beauty, music and fun.  

All invited. Family event. 




Click here to rsvp: https://www.melanating.com/event/iilbdblc2019/

Saturday, July 27th, 11am – 5pm

Restoration Plaza Outdoor Concourse, 1360 Fulton Street, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

A or C train to Nostrand Ave, B25 to Fulton & New York Ave, B44 to Fulton Nostrand Ave.



Logo  Tee & Tote Merchandise



OMhh I Embrace My Natural Hair Tee-

debuting at 2019 IILBD Braid Love Celebration- Brooklyn & IILBD 



Share Circle
with IILBD + BLC Founder Debra Hare-Bey

Q. What was the inspiration for International I Love Braids Day and IILBD Braid Love Celebration ?

A. My inspiration came from my passion, love and respect of Braids. I completely understood and adored the unparalleled culture and rich history braids represented. As a Master Pioneer Braider, it was important to create a lasting, proud legacy centered around every aspect of Braids and the talent of the Braiders. It was equally important to highlight the obvious- Braids are beautiful, glamorous, attractive and all the other complimentary terms used when describing un-textured hair. I am sure YOU would agree with me, Braids are worthy of a day  in HISTORY!

From idea to fruition, how long did it take to plan IILBD Braid Love Celebration?

A. It’s been over 10 years in the making.

Q. Describe the day you received the Proclamation.

A. Glorious! It was everything that I dreamed and planned, and more. I could not believe It was actually happening- it had come to fruition. A day not just for me to openly love and celebrate my craft but a day the entire community near and far could officially celebrate Braids. World here we come!


  • IILBD Braid Love Celebration is *FREE. RSVP is suggested to receive gift bag (while supplies last) and access the curated festivities. Restoration is open to the public so all are welcome. *Restoration Plaza has limited space so register early. Tickets will go quickly. If you can’t attend and you registered, give your confirmation email to your replacement.
  • Shop, Eat, Enjoy…. we have so much more than vendors. Each one of our mini boutiques are the best artisans, designers, jewelers and more. The food options are simply delicious. No need to pack a lunch; you’ll need your hands free for all the dancing.
  • IILBD Braid Love Celebration  is the fun, interactive, *FREE outdoor celebration of International I Love Braids Day and will ALWAYS be held on the Saturday before July 29th when July 29th falls on a weekday. 
  • Does International mean this Celebration will travel around the world? Yes! IILBD Braid Love Celebration will travel and include the name of the host city, state, country, continent- Ex: Braid Love Celebration- MD, Braid Love Celebration- Sudan, etc.


Ask about brand exposure with International I Love Braids Day + Braids Love Celebration- Brooklyn. Do you have a quality product or handmade item you want to be included in the coveted gift bag? Be a part of history. Apply now.. STOP…..you must have a professional product, well made and, this is important- The natural hair community must be excited about it. Please email ohmyheavenlyhair@gmail.com with product info, website, IG page and telephone.

To be considered: You must have 50 items to be included in the gift bag. Your product will be reviewed.


We want YOU. If you would like to be a part of history we invite you to participate.

What we need….. help with everything!

♡ Setup (before event)
♡ Breakdown (after event)
♡ Check-In
♡ Gift bag distribution
♡ Coordinators/Run of show, Instagram Braid Walk, History & Culture Tent

Please send an email to internationalilovebraidsday@gmail.com with your contact info detailing where you want to volunteer your services.



If your company would like to participate in IILBD Braid Love Celebration as a vendor, please email internationalilovebraidsday@gmail.com and list what you want to sell. 


If your company would like to participate in IILBD Braid Love Celebration as a sponsor, please contact Dwayne Hare-Bey, Sponsorship Director, 373-864-5757. Thank you.



Nu Wave Kultrual Kreations

Your Queens

2019 MEDIA Supporters

Taj Mag

World Bride Magazine



2019, the 3rd IILBD Braid Love continues to grow with new showstoppers and spectacular Braids. Theme-  FREEDOM To Be!


goingnatural.com- Debra Hare-Bey, why we need to know the Founder of International I Love Braids Day.



Photo: Nay Marie Photography


2018, the 2nd IILBD + BLC had over 800 people in attendance. It was spectacular!



Photo: Nay Marie Photography


The Root- summary of the meaning and importance of International I Love Braids Day.


The Very First IILBD + BLC
I was so proud!



BROOKLYN NEWS 12http://news12bk.videodownload.worldnow.com/NEWS12BK_20170802152047913AB.mp4



IMPORTANT – Please be aware:

Please be aware that by registering or attending this event, you grant OMhh Inc./International I Love Braids Day, its Event Sponsors, its Successors, Assigns and Licensees permission to utilize your name, image, likeness, acts, poses, plays, appearance, movements, and statements in any live or recorded audio, video, or photographic display or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction made of, or at, the event (regardless of whether before, during or after event) for any purpose, in any manner, in any medium or context now known or hereafter developed, without further authorization from, or compensation to, you or anyone acting on your behalf.

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